Why Expectant mothers Need A Pregnancy Pillow?

Pregnancy can be a difficult time for some women and a relatively easy time for others. Sleeping during pregnancy is necessary for both you and your baby. However, what sleeping position is best for you and your baby? The uthority organization APA indicates that pregnant women sleep on their side is the best sleeping position. Instead of lying down on the back, sleeping on the side will make your legs and feet relaxed at the same time still giving you enough support.

Sleeping on the left side during pregnancy can reduce the risk of getting c-section.

And sleeping on the right side can align your body with its natural alignment. This will increase blood circulation and help your body to work more effectively and reduce stress, which can make your baby more comfortable in your tummy and also can reduce the risk of having a baby with birth defects.

When I was pregnant, that was an easy time in the first 6 months, but during the later stage of pregnancy, my stomach grew larger and larger, sleeping problem troubled me. I couldn’t find a comfortable position in bed. Then my girlfriend recommended me several models of pregnancy pillows for my options.

The benefits of pregnancy pillow:

1. fixed sleeping position;

Many mothers know that sleeping on the left side is the best for expectant mother and baby. It can not only reduce the stress of the arteries and veins of the lower body, but also improve the oxygen supply of the fetus in the womb, so that the baby in the womb can grow better. Even can reduce the risk of the mortality rate of babies born.

However, sleeping on the left side is very hard for a pregnant woman. The maternity pillow was designed to help pregnant women naturally keep sleeping on their left side.

2. Relieve stress;

The Maternity Pillow supports Ma Ma’s fragile waist, arms and legs, and fills the gap between the abdomen and the bed surface, which not only makes the limbs comfortable and relaxed, but also reduces the stretching of the waist muscles and greatly relieves the common back pain during pregnancy.

If there is an adjustable pillow, it can be adjusted at will according to the different periods of pregnant women, different waist circumferences. and the pillow distance can be adjusted at will to better fit the body curve.

3. Correct the fetal position;

Improper fetal position is a common factor that causes dystocia. In addition to performing external transfer of the fetus, the best way is to do knee-chest side lying exercise. Sleeping on a pregnant pillow can help to correct the abnormal fetal position, and also help pregnant women to do the knee-chest side lying exercise more smoothly and easily.

4. Help with breastfeeding;

During breastfeeding, most of Mama often suffer from sore arms and backache. Some pregnance pillows can also be used as breastfeeding pillows. The mother no longer has to bow her head and bend over, and save the effort of holding the baby, so that the mother can have a correct and relaxed breastfeeding position.

How to choose a proper maternity pillow?

1. J-shaped body support pillow:

This J-shaped maternity pillow can support the belly and knees to reduce the pressure during pregnancy, placing the pillow on the belly can help mothers to support their body properly, it can also be used as a nursing pillow during breastfeeding.

2. U-shaped full body support pillow:

3. C-shaped maternity pillow:

Many pregnant women complained, “The weather has been hot recently, and I feel that using a full body support maternity pillow is like being surrounded by a steaming “circle” and unable to move”, and “it’s so crowded that the expectant father has no room to sleep”, so the C-shaped maternity pillow can work it out. And this is only suitable for the expectant mothers who like sleeping on the left side and can consciously maintain the left side lying position.

4. Memory Foam Pregnancy Wedge Pillow:

This wedge pillow is made of memory foam, ergonomic design can relieve stress of the belly and lower back, also can be used as knee pillow.

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