We can help you expand the market by developing next generation gel pillows with TPE GEL AirGrid Pillowcase

If you are a pillow manufacturer who is looking for TPE gel plate TPE GEL Grid to make your cooling pillowcase? You find the right company. You can use our TPE gel grid with fabric to make your own air-grid cooling pillowcases. We are the TPE gel grid supplier.

This TPE GEL AIRGRID is an innovative technology for improving sleeping environment, it dispels unwanted body heat and help you wake up in the morning from a refreshing, cool sleep!

The TPE material and AirGrid technology ensure that the pillow regulates the sleeping temperature. This offers restful sleep, so you wake up fresher and fitter.

If you want to develop new products (new pillows) and expand the market, we can help you. Send us an inquiry on the TPE gel plates for pillowcases in no time please.

Contact Person: Ms. Tang

Tel: +86-13725248510

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