What Is Memory Foam?

In recent years, memory foam has been well known by more and more people because of its utmost comfort, flexibility, high cost-effective and green environmental protection. Due to the “high-end, rare” labels and professional technology of memory foam at the beginning of its appearance, many people have a very vague understanding of memory foam. As a professional manufacturer focusing on memory foam products, we unveil the mystery of memory foam for you today.

Memory foam, also known as space memory foam, was born in a space facility research conducted by NASA in the 1960s. Originally, NASA applied this material to the design of spacecraft seats, which was intended to provide good cushioning protection for spacecraft occupants when they were subjected to huge impacts, while improving the comfort experience of spacecraft occupants during long-term flights.

Memory foam is a typical slow rebound material. The slow rebound material has the characteristics of both viscosity and elasticity. The viscosity means that the memory foam shows a state of clay subsidence when it is subjected to external force. This characteristic can make the memory foam maximize the absorption of impact kinetic energy; elasticity means that when the pressure on the memory foam is removed, it will slowly rebound and gradually return to its original shape. During this process, the pressing object (human body) can hardly feel the pressure. At the same time, due to the existence of viscosity, the memory foam will fit the shape curve of the pressing object (human body) after rebounding and recovering. The natural and organic combination of viscoelasticity can make people feel great comfort. Due to the zero emission and zero pollution in the manufacturing process of memory foam, it is also a green and environmentally friendly product.

At the beginning of the invention of memory foam, it was an “unattainable” high-tech. Later, with the advancement of technology and craftsmanship and the decline of material cost, memory foam has gradually realized industrial production.

Memory foam is a polyurethane polymer with an open-cell structure. At present, the memory foam for daily necessities is mainly foamed by mixing polyurethane and other shaping and catalytic materials. Although there are many manufacturers of memory foam products in the market, due to the differences in preparation methods, raw material formulas, processes, equipment and manufacturing experience, the products are divided into good and bad.

How to tell it’s a high quality memory foam or a poor one?

Generally speaking, the main factors to measure the quality of memory foam are density, rebound time, feel, and service life.

Let’s talk about density first. Density is the basic indicator of high-quality slow-rebound materials. High-quality memory foam has a higher density. The density of Sophiaco+ memory foam is generally more than 50D. Of course, it can also be customized according to customer requirements.

The second is the rebound time. The high-quality memory foam has an even and natural rebound force and a moderate rebound time, usually 5s-7s can get back to its original shape.

The third is the hand feeling and temperature induction changing. The high-quality memory foam feels soft and smooth and comfortabl, while the poor quality memory foam feels a little stiff and rough. The hand feeling is stable for good memory foam with high density, while the poor quality memory foam with low density becomes hard when the temperature is low, and become soft when the temperature is high, and the hand feeling is relatively unstable.

The fourth is the service life. High-quality memory foam can be used repeatedly for more than 5 years without deformation.

The fifth, all good memory foam has been certified by relevant national and international technical and professional authorities. All of our memory foam products have reached international standards, and have passed the testing of RoHS and SGS.

What is the advantage of memory foam compared with other materials?

Research and application practice shows that memory foam far surpasses other materials in protecting human health, skin-friendly, and comfort. With comparison, we know the pros and cons of product performance. Compared memory foam with other materials to deepen our understanding of the benefits of memory foam.

First of all, the memory foam material can balance “hardness” and “softness” to the greatest extent, and bring people the best comfortable experience. According to scientific measurements, the blood circulation pressure of human skin is 36mmHg. When the pressure of each point is evenly distributed by the memory foam, the pressure can be generally reduced to below 36mmHg, making people feel that the blood is smooth and the skin is light and comfortable without pressure. Therefore, compared with other materials, memory foam can adjust the stress of irregular shapes to the most balanced state. Our vision is to bring people a natural pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment of sleeping environment through our high-quality memory foam products.

Secondly, memory foam is also a durable product. In an authoritative test, after 80,000 pressure tests, the wear rate of memory foam material is less than 5%, while the wear rate of other ordinary materials is about 10-15% . Once again, memory foam is in line with modern people’s pursuit of “green and environmental protection”. After testing by professional institutions and long-term application observation, it has been proved that memory foam material is not toxic to the human body. It is suitable for all ages and is a safe and reliable environmentally friendly material.

In a word, Sophiaco+’s mission is to make modern people live a better life, and pay attention to the general improvement of people’s living standards. A good memory foam product can make you more comfortable in work and life, and will also protect your health, however no matter how good memory foam products are, it is not omnipotent. Positive health awareness, scientific lifestyle, high-quality products, only these three things combined together is the way to maintain a long-term health!

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